Welcome to BeMoreU! January 18, 2020 Woodinville, WA


* 1 epic day

* 6 amazing speakers

* dedicated time for you 

* build community and relationships

about BeMoreU


 This one-day retreat and conference for women is a magical day filled with epic experiences, new learnings, sharing and connections. Guests experience mind blowing revelations they talk about for years! 


Everyone will leave feeling:

  • Ready to take on 2020 like the ROCKSTAR you are! 
  • Lifted and liberated
  • Free to embrace and celebrate their authentic selves
  • Held and supported in a nurturing sisterhood
  • Inspired to take action with new skills
  • and in love with their lives!


Guest registration includes:

* Every guest gets a VIP experience!

* 5 soul-filling sessions

* A nutritious lunch (V/GF options provided)

* 1 gift bag of goodies

* Event handbook

* After-Glow Celebration


* After a long day of learning and growing the After-Glow Celebration is an opportunity to mingle in a relaxed, joyful space with other attendees and facilitators including music, light-bites, sparkling beverages, and lots of fun!

KeyNote Facilitator

Anne Tucker

Anne is the founder of Wisdom Soup, which is a community and mobile app where spiritual seekers can find the healers and mentors that can help them move forward on their journey. 

"I realized that my experience of having to work at [discovering and embracing my gifts] was not unique. There are lots of you who are struggling to connect and understand your gifts, who want to use them to help others but aren’t sure how to get there. And making the community that supported me available to you could make all the difference. That’s why I started Wisdom Soup, so that anyone who needs a community like this could find it. Because when you are supported and encouraged in your own growth, we can all benefit from the gifts that you have to offer."

She is also the creator of Business Energetics, which offers comprehensive instruction and coaching on the seven different forms of manifestation that are needed to create a business. The focus of Anne’s work is helping to redefine business for a spiritual age, where the work we do becomes a conscious pathway to our own spiritual development.

"Being more of yourself means allowing more of your soul to be expressed into the world."

 Anne will talk about her own journey of learning to be seen, and how her choice to be more of herself has transformed her life.


Facilitator lineup for THe Retreat

Brenda Reiss - Forgiveness Coach


Helping people find peace in their personal and professional lives though a powerful forgiveness practice unlike any other transformative technique.

Getting Unstuck: Release the Past and Reinvent your Future

Forgiveness allows you to open doors to healing your past while replacing regret with gratitude. You'll identify unconscious beliefs that keep them stuck. Clarify and illuminate your unique value to the world. Learn how to improve relationships at home and at work. Step into your  power and make better decisions. Stop settling and become the creator of your own reality. Come gather tools and motivation to move beyond resistance, envision your higher potential, and embrace transformation.

Barbara Ireland - Author, Mind Loops Trainer and Coach


Barbara trains people to stop the repetitive, negative thoughts and beliefs (“Mind Loops”) 

that keep them “small” and block their success, happiness and inner power. 

You Aren't Your Programming: Manifest Your Greatest Desires By Re-Writing Your Unconscious Story of Unworthiness

Whether you're new to manifesting, or have tried every technique in the book and yet still your desire is nowhere in sight... One of the BIGGEST blocks to consciously-creating a loving relationship, or a fulfilling career, more money, or greater health and fitness, is the unconscious negative programming that tells us we're unworthy of receiving our desires. In this workshop you'll learn ways to rewrite those negative mental “loops,” upgrade your old story of “not enough,” and begin to live into your Ideal Self. The world needs you: It's time to let go of playing small, and start living the magnificent life you deserve.

Victoria Mantzoros - Empowerment and Wellness Coach


Victoria helps busy women reconnect to their bodies, reclaim their vibrancy and unleash their confidence one breakthrough at a time.

Love Who You See in the Mirror

You know you are meant to inspire and empower others. You want to master accessing and sharing your vision, voice, and purpose with inspiration and empowerment. You are ready to say yes to an unleashed life. Living an unleashed life starts within. This is not a diet plan to force yourself to follow, but real transformation from the inside out. Together we will connect you to vibrant health and empowerment so you can make the big impact you are here to do powerfully and authentically.

Angie Louthan - Transformational Life Coach


An Intuitive Artist & Reiki Master, Angie empowers people to be the best version of themself in order to make a bigger impact in the world. 

The Art of Being More You

Do you want to walk in the world owning your uniqueness, showing up with others more authentically, believing you belong everywhere, feeling more confident, loving your messy self, and having fun along this human life journey we’re all on?  In this workshop, you’ll not only learn what holds women back from being their truest selves but you’ll transform some of your own stories so you can walk away feeling a little more you.  You’ll get teachings, participate in conversation, and play through some facilitated intuitive art. It is absolutely not a requirement to identify as an artist to participate.  This is for everybody!

Judy Lee - Transformative Portrait Photographer & WomanSpeak Leader


Judy creates spaces for women to reconnect to their true selves through portrait experiences and events. She also empowers women to speak their truth.

Trusting Your Voice

If you could show up as your true self, what would you say? One of the many ways we keep ourselves small is by holding ourselves back when we speak, rehearsing what we’ll say, and second guessing ourselves. We do this not because our words don’t matter but because we don’t trust ourselves. In this workshop, you will be inspired to show up as your true self and experience the power of trusting your voice, have the opportunity to share your voice with this loving community, and hear the stories of others.

Day's Schedule


 Check in, mingle, and meet the facilitators! 


  • 9a-10a             Kick off

  • 10a-10:15a   Break 

  • 10:15a-11a   Sessions #1

  • 11a-11:15a   Break 

  • 11:15a-12      Sessions #2

  • Noon-1p          LUNCH (V/GF options provided)

  • 1p-1:45p         Sessions #3

  • 1:45p-2p         Break 

  • 2:00p-3p         Closing Session 

  • 3p-3:15p         Break

  • 3:15p-4p         Putting it all together

4:00 - 5:00p

Wrap up, say goodbye, and enjoy the AFTER-GLOW!

After-glow Celebration




  • A special gift bag
  • Sparkling beverage toast and light bites (V/GF options)
  • Mix and mingle with the speakers and other fabulous attendees
  • Uplifting music
  • Wonderful celebration vibes for a day of transformation!

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About our event creators

Michelle Scott - Alignment Coach, Success & Mindset Coach


Michelle is trained to help her clients be a U-er yoU! Her zone of genius is her gifts of connection and listening for opportunity. Thru creative conversations and a holistic approach addressing Head, Heart, Body and Soul, Michelle acts as the bridge for her clients, from the jungles of the unknown to the lands of possibility. 

Jennilee Porch - Master Coach & Reiki Master Practitioner


Jennilee is passionate about helping spiritually conscious visionaries, changemakers, healers, and leaders align to your highest, most soul-fulfilling calling  and create the life and impact you most desire.

It all starts in the heart.